Over the years, TED has published amazing content. And though I like almost all of it, this one, though a bit dated, is the best I have come across.

The best stats you have ever seen!

Look at the way this statistics guru goes about presenting one of the most boring subjects and comes out on top. For me, the highlights were

  • Statistics can be entertaining. I wish some of my teachers would have shown me this video as an introduction to statistics
  • Passion speaks for itself. If you are passionate about something, you can really keep the audience spellbound
  • Movement speaks louder than snapshots. Point in time view of anything is good but trend is a much stronger indicator of success/failure
  • The monkeys can be smarter than educated human beings, especially when it comes to binary choice surveys. (You really have to see the video to get this one)

In summary, Hans Rosling almost makes you fall in love with statistics and if not that, you learn something about realities of the ‘developing’ world.

Enjoy watching.


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  1. furtdso linopv 3 weeks ago

    Some truly interesting info , well written and broadly speaking user friendly.

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