Do keep in mind the mentioned tips to make your campaign successful:


  1. Start Small: Even though some ambitious teachers want to request a set of laptops immediately, it’s best to create projects that can reach their funding goal quickly and create momentum
  2. Avoid Jargons: Donors often aren’t teachers, rather doctors, lawyers, plumbers, and nurses — real, everyday people. Avoid “teacherese” and write in a simple language that anyone can understand
  3. Just Start: You will never get funding if you don’t put a project on the site,” “You guys can do this. It’s very easy, and we’re there for you
  4. Speak from your heart: Teachers are passionate about what they do in the classroom. Let that passion come out as you describe your project in its description
  5. Get Social: Promotion of your projects is an important element in success. Let your network on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram know how they can help. Some will want to!

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