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The school which needs your and your member/donors kind support is “Sarvodaya Aided Higher Primary School” located in Gulwady village of Kundapura Taluk, Udupi Dist, Karnataka State. This school is on edge of completing 110 years and hundreds of students have benefited by this school and grown in state level. In 7 teachers allotted to school, 5 have been retired after completing their duties and since then no replacement is been done for same. Now only 2 teachers are there out of which Headmaster is taking up role of teacher [Mr. Jayakar Shetty].

With this, I hereby on behalf of Mr. Jayakar Shetty, request you to kindly help and initiate fund management process for this school. As We are joining our hands with Mr. Jayakar Shetty for the betterment of the school and overall the education environment there. your support is most needed in this crucial hour so that deprived children can get and access quality education.

Note: Since the school is in remote location and teacher is not fluent in English [its a local Kannada medium school], I have taken up initiation for the overall tracking and updates of this initiation. Kindly let me know any query or feedback on  my email id: vinnygm2[@]gmail[dot]com


The school has not seen any growth since due to internal issues and without a proper leadership. Currently 76 students are pursuing education in school where in 2 teachers and 3 contract teachers striving hard to educate children and look after school. Even the payments are shared and done by permanent teachers sometimes on their own money, all just because the existing students should not lose the benefits of education. Most of the students here are of lower class and lower middle class wherein their parents are daily labourers and cant afford proper fee payment..

The school has 3 teachers [Contract Status] who are currently being paid with the salary of Headmaster Mr. Jayakar Shetty and his associate teacher. They don’t have any other source of income other than this payment. Since bearing the responsibility of entire payments for these contract teachers from the salary of Head Master and the associate teacher is financially burdening both of them from a long time, they have a humble request for creation of fund associated with this payment so at least 3 teachers [Contract] can be paid a meager amount of Rs. 3000 [Three Thousand Only] per month which totals up to 90,000 [ninety thousand only] for the period of 10 months for an Annual year payment, thereby these teachers, along with Head Master and associate teacher can continue their yeomen service to students and continue running school  activities and its 110-year legacy


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