RO+UV Water Filter for Girls Hostel

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Several years ago, the Education Department of Rajasthan began providing residential hostel facilities to girls from small villages and towns without secondary schools in order to enable them to attend secondary schools – there are 175 such Sharde hostels across the state, providing accommodations for over 17,000 girls.


Over 170 girls live in Hostels at the Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School (GGSSS) in Chhabra, Baran District, and they actively participate in regional athletic and academic competitions (a picture of the girls winning a district-wide Kabbadi competition is below).  However, the hostel has no RO Filter for drinking water, and the girls have to drink unfiltered water.

Please support us and ensure that hostel residents have access to safe drinking water so they can best complete their studies.


WELLON 25 LPH RO+UV Commercial Water Purifier System

Reverse Osmosis and 7 Stages Of Water Filtration
UV With TDS CController with 25 LPH Purification Capacity
It Has A High Purification Capacity Up to25 Litres/hour And Is Suitable For Commercial Establishments, Offices, Restaurants And Homes.
It Is Also Suitable For Online Purification And Attachment With Water Coolers
Suitable For Purification Of Brackish / Tap / Municipal Water Supply
All The Fittings And Components In The Purifier Are Push (snap) Fit To Prevent Leakages And Wastage Of Water.
Additional Protection Against Leakages Is Built-in By Using Rubber O-Rings Inside The Push-fit Fittings.

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